CTP Circuits was founded as a resource dedicated to helping engineers, startups, and inventors to more efficiently develop products in ways that were previously unavailable.

We also want to bring you unique products from our decades of development experience.


Our founder, Chris Jonkman, has been a founder/part owner of 3 consecutive successful tech startups in the instrumentation field. He was integral to the design of products in vacuum instrumentation for Instrutech, the invention of the world’s first bench top NMR spectrometer at picoSpin, and the best cost/performance vortex flowmeters at Flowpro/Everydrop.

After multiple successful startups in the last 15 years, Chris has become an expert in bootstrapping a product oriented startup on a very small budget. In everything from design/development, production, inventory management to product specification, Chris can get the maximum out of a small budget.

FlowPro LLC
(Now EveryDropMeters)

FlowPro LLC<br />
(Now EveryDropMeters)

(Acquired by Inficon)

Instrutech<br />
(Acquired by Inficon)<br />
<br />

picoSpin LLC
(Acquired by Thermo Fisher Scientific)

picoSpin LLC <br />
(Acquired by Thermo Fisher Scientific)

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